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If wireless is the direction you are moving in, we have the tools and equipment to help there to.  Wireless links between PCs and routers or even building to building, can be established and tested to insure the highest available data-flow.  We offer Proxim Wireless gear, as they are the premier wireless manufacturer in the US and the world.  Our wireless techs are factory certified and can install a high quality network for you.  We will design your secure network, and make sure it fits your needs.


Whether your needs include wireless phones, wireless PCs, or even wireless price scanners, we have the ability to design and install the proper assets that will work for you. 

Go wireless and surf the Web while relaxing in your yard, catch up on e-mail while sitting in your favorite coffee shop, or access your favorite tunes from the comfort of your easy chair. It is possible just let Coppnet install your wireless for you.
CoppNet specializes in the Wired or
Wireless Networking installtion
Let us install & encrypt your wireless network.
As many locations as needed.
(Cabling and Hardware not included)
Pricing will be determined on the age and style
of the business and home for the wireless installation.

Please fill out our Work Request form.

Coppnet Communications, 1628 North Corrington , Kansas City Missouri 64120, 816-842-7677